Serving up raw pleasure

A steak charred on the outside and bloody within. A pile of chips. Fried onions. A bottle of red wine.

These are the things about which I’m likely to enthuse and dribble.
Sitting down to raw food? Vegan food? No alcohol?
These are prospects that are likely to cause me to flee in panic, muttering obscenely like Father Jack as I reach for the nearest bottle.
Step forward Kamila Szewczyk, a young Polish woman now settled in Birmingham and owner of Kam and Cat, a raw and vegan food venture that includes pop-up restaurants.
The latest, at 6/8 Kafe at Millennium Point, was a three-course menu of Italian-inspired dishes.
And you know what? It was very good.
Kam has an imaginative, light and crafted touch with her cooking, producing dishes that are easy on the eye, have wonderful fresh aromas, depth and, crucially, are satisfying and great to eat.
She uses nuts, seeds and various other ingredients to create creams and faux cheeses that are well-textured and pack flavour
A starter of mushrooms stuffed with a sunflower and tarragon cream and topped with vibrant pesto and peppery rocket leaves was a great introduction.
A pizza – it’s base created with nuts and seeds – tasted remarkably like the real (and less healthy) thing.
A sort of riff on tiramisu was indulgent in a way that I didn’t suspect vegan food could ever be.
Water, flavoured with herbs and fruit, was a refreshing accompaniment to the meal. And a welcome break from booze during the excesses of Cheltenham week.
Find out more about Kam’s cooking, pop-ups and plans by following her on Twtter @KamandCat or following Kam and Cat on Facebook.
Her website is currently under construction.
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