Pie wars

This isn’t a pie.

No arguments. It isn’t.
It’s a sort of casserole with a pastry lid plonked on top.
Pies are only pies if they have a pastry bottom as well as a pastry lid.
Unless they’re topped with mashed potatoes and are fish pies or cottage or shepherd’s pies – which are exceptions to the rule.

This imposter pie was encountered at The Village pub in Moseley and was pleasant enough.
The puff pastry top was good, crisp and buttery and the chicken tasty and tender, though the creamy sauce in which the meat wallowed was a bit thin and leeks were undercooked.
Chips, however, were good. Green vegetables were excellent.
But it wasn’t what I’d expected when I ordered.
And it’s a problem I’ve encountered at other places.
Why kitchens can’t make proper fully-encased pies – or buy in good-quality ones if they can’t be arsed – is a mystery.
Perhaps we need to launch a protest movement to combat the mis-selling of pastry-crowned casseroles as pies.

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