In praise of beef brisket


Let’s sing the praises of beef brisket.

This humble joint, from the breast of the beast, is largely under-valued alongside more expensive cuts.
But its open texture, rich veins of fat and deep flavour make it a winner when cooked long and slowly.
It features on the lunch menu at Chung Ying Central in Birmingham’s business quarter.
Chunks of the stuff sat in an aromatic broth with noodles.

This was a substantial and wonderfully satisfying dish, the meat extravagantly tender and the flavours layered.
Other noodle bowl options include pork, duck, prawn dumplings and vegetable.
Or there are rice bowls with seafood, meat and vegetable choices.
Side orders include chicken wings, spring rolls and spare ribs.

The deal

The lunchtime dessert is chocolate brownie with cream.
The deal is that a main course costs £7.95, a main and side or dessert £9.95 and a main, side and dessert £11.95.

But we went a la carte for our sides and ate gloriously tender battered baby octopus with garlic and pan-fried Shanghai dumplings stuffed with minced pork.
They cost £4 each.
Both would make a meal in their own right in combination with other small plates and dim sum dishes.
And they or the noodles make a fantastic change to a sandwich at your desk.


Chung Ying Central
126 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 3AP. 0121 400 0888.

I work as a freelance consultant with the Chung Ying group or restaurants.