Gin in many forms….


An evening of non-stop gin… what could possibly go wrong?

Nothing, as it happens.
A gin-themed dinner jointly hosted by the High Field gastro-pub in Edgbaston and Herefordshire’s award-winning Chase Distillery to promote its beautifully dry Williams GB Gin proved that it really is difficult to have too much of a good thing.

A goldfish bowl-sized G&T, served with a twist of lemon and slice of ginger, was a refreshing way to start proceedings on a hot summer’s night.
Gin-cured salmon served with a lively cucumber salad and zingy lime mayo was a light and dainty dish.

With it came a well-matched glass of Williams gin, cucumber, lime juice, elderflower liqueur and tonic.
The lamb shank that came next was tender, sweet and succulent, with a jus fragrant with juniper.
Broad beans and peas provided a splash of green and fried gnocchi rich with parmesan gave ballast.

The cocktail of gin, red vermouth and Chase Blackcurrant Liqueur that accompanied it was a sort of English negroni and absolutely wonderful.
A gin and raspberry summer pudding served with clotted hit the target, though I found the accompanying drink of gin, lemon and raspberry juices too sharp.

But that was a minor hiccough on a night of juniper-infused joy.
And, writing this on the morning after, there isn’t the merest hint of a hangover.

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I attended the event as a guest of Williams GB Gin.