Bar Opus: An escape from Birmingham’s German Market

There are, of course, a great many things that are worse than Christmas shopping – chief amongst them Christmas shopping when Birmingham’s imbecilic ‘German’ market is in town.

Thus, with the rain steadily dripping off my bald bonce on a gloomy Saturday lunchtime, I sought sanctuary from the hordes of sausage-gobbling part-time drunks who frequent this city’s annual tat-fest.

And, being an enemy of chain eateries, I found my way to Bar Opus, the year-old offshoot of Opus restaurant.

The decor

Situated at the base of a new(ish) office block alongside Snow Hill station, Bar Opus has huge windows and a terrace and will be a vibrant place to spend time when the trams are finally running nearby.

There’s funky wallpaper, but a lack of clutter. A light and airy bar takes up one end of the room. An open-plan kitchen dominates the other end.

It’s a bit like the sort of place you might find in Canary Wharf.

The service

Friendly and informed staff are happy to help, but careful not to intrude.

The place wasn’t packed when I visited with my wife, but the food we ordered was a little long arriving.

A complimentary bowl flavoursome paprika-spiked honey-glazed cocktail sausages, however, eased the hunger pangs and raised our mood.

The food

There are various menus to suit different times of the day and we selected from the brunch menu – a range of sweet and savoury dishes varied enough to suit most palates.

The Irish salad I was (eventually) served was a delight – especially the gorgeously textured and very tasty Clonakilty black and white puddings.

Sautee spuds might have benefited from a longer cook, but a poached egg was perfect and the honey and grain mustard dressing was well-balanced.

A selection of leaves added freshness to the bowl.
Lynn’s smoked salmon, avocado and scrambled egg on a bagel with white truffle oil was well-received without causing her to swoon with delight.

We ordered a side of sweet potato fries – unnecessary but very good indeed.

The drinks

There are craft beers, better known brands, wine, spirits and a range of cocktails. My wife chose fizzy water whilst I sipped a milky stout that was new n the bar list.

Need to know

Expect to pay around £16 a had for brunch with drinks.
Cut costs by eating from the bar plates menu.
Vegetarians are well-catered for.
It’s disabled friendly.
Closed Sundays.

Bar Opus
One Snow Hill, Birmingham B4 6GH. 0121 289 3939.