Kababish: an old friend that should be celebrated

Not a review – more a reflection on an old friend that has survived changing times.
For I’ve been eating at Kababish in Woodbridge Road, Moseley, since it first opened three decades ago at a time when I had hair, hope and a somewhat smaller tummy.
It’s a default setting – the kind of place to which I traipse when I crave a midweek curry and can’t be bothered to cook.
It’s the place that introduced both my boys, now grown-up and with discerning palates, to eating out.
So familiar is its menu that sometimes I hardly other to read it – ordering old favourites that I know will please, frequently tarka daal.
It’s changed over the years – from a balti house that was smarter than the sort of places that predominated to a stylish gaff with a wider menu and higher ambitions.
It’s retained its quality, its friendly, caring and efficient service and its buzzy ambience.
A recent meal of samosa, onion bhaji and chicken adhruk was a delight – tasty, satisfying, good value.
No doubt other people in other areas of Birmingham have their favourites.
Which is, I guess, the point.
That we perhaps don’t do enough to celebrate our neighbourhood curry houses – independent places that have made dining out commonplace for ordinary Brummie families in a way that it wasn’t 30 years ago.
Let’s lift a pint of Cobra to our curry houses.

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