What to expect to drink this autumn at Cheval Blanc

Changes are afoot as Cheval Blanc wine bar and kitchen moves into autumn and winter.

Abigail Connolly, manager and sommelier of the recently-launched venue in Moseley Village, is updating the wine list.
Partly that’s because people want deeper, heavier wines in the colder months than the lighter drinks they enjoy during summer.
But there’s another reason.
Abigail said: “We’re determined for our wine list to evolve so that we constantly surprise and delight our customers.

“We want wines with a story behind them. Wines that deliver fantastic flavours at a great price.
“We want to help and encourage wine-lovers to move out of their comfort zones – to find new wines that they love.
“We don’t want that to happen once – we want them on a constant voyage of discovery.
“It’s all very different from the wine offerings in most supermarkets and bars – which are safe, predictable and often very dull.
“We want people to discover new things.”

Expect some unusual wines when you read through the new list, which will be ready next month.
There’ll be fizz from Canada, fine wines from Turkey, bottles from little known regions, unusual grapes and so-called orange wines.
Abigail explained: “The fizz is from British Colombia – a great region for making wine but not one that’s very well known.

“It’s 100% chardonnay and made my the ‘ancient method’ – meaning just one fermentation, in the bottle.
“It’s unfiltered and left on the fines, so it’s got great flavour and depth and it’s really exciting.
“There are also some great new wines from Turkey and wines from some interesting new regions and unusual grape varieties.
“There’ll also be orange wines – not made from oranges but even that name because of the colour of some of them, which results from the very traditional ways in which they are made.”

Cheval Blanc, which has an eye-catching spiral cellar, will also launch a Sommelier’s Choice – a small number of great wines at a great price.
“It’s a list that will change all the time,” added Abigail.
She admitted that losing some wines from the general list was hard.
“Choosing which wines to lose has been hard because they’re all wines that we like. It’s heartbreaking, like choosing a favourite child,” said Abigail, who recently achieved the status of Certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers.
The cocktail list and food menu are also changing, but details will be revealed later.

Cheval Blanc
145 Alcester Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP. 0121 449 6344.

I’m working on a freelance basis with Cheval Blanc.