The Prince of Wales: popping the cork on natural wines

Natural wine champion Sam Olive is hosting a tasting at Moseley’s Prince of Wales pub next month.

Sam will be showing off bottles by makers at the forefront of the movement to produce wines that are as natural as possible.
The event takes place on Friday June 3 from 7-9pm.
Tickets cost £25 but places are limited.
Email to book.
He’ll be showing seven wines – one sparkling, three white and three red.
He said: “There is a growing movement of forward-thinking winemakers who strive to be in tune with their land and truly understand how their vineyards and eco systems work.
“These guys and girls employ age old techniques without the habitual use of chemicals  and mechanisation to produce the natural wines of our future.
“Creations of quality not quantity, made from happy grapes, giving pure delicious wines that express their origin.” 
Sam’s recently-launched Warwickshire-based business Wine Freedom offers home, delivery, tastings and wine-related events.
He said: “There’s no pompous pontificating as we specialise in educating and demystifying the world of wine with a no-nonsense philosophy that makes learning about wine fun, engaging and informative.
“We’ll travel far beyond the realms of Merlot and Pinot Grigio taking you on a journey through some of the well-travelled wine regions of the world and introducing you to many exciting unearthed new ones.”