The Edgbaston’s latest cocktail offerings

Concept Bars - Edgbaston Hotel, Birmingham Copyright - Richard Southall

Birmingham’s plush bar and boutique hotel The Edgbaston has unveiled a new list of cocktails.

Mixologists at the destination have been experimenting with ingredients, using new hi-tech kit that allows them to distill and maximise flavours.
Check out the gin infused with slate and chalk neat if you get the chance – extraordinary stuff! But make sure it’s only a sip because it’s pokey stuff.
It adds brilliant complexity to the new Genever Jupiter cocktail
Concept Bars - Edgbaston Hotel, Birmingham Copyright - Richard Southall
Here, The Edgbaston’s Jayne O’Malley describes the additions to the cocktail list and the inspiration that lay behind their creation.

Claro Mojito

When designing this cocktail, we wanted to capture something special in a drink. We wanted to have a cocktail that was elegant in its simplicity and beautiful in its clarity.
On top of that, it needed to be a drink that was approachable and something people would get excited about, but have an element of intrigue about it.
So we decided to take one of the world’s favourite cocktails and make it something extra special. The cocktail we chose was the mojito.
Using all of our technical wizardry, we have managed to create the Claro Mojito – a stunning drink with all the wonderful flavours of a mojito subtly infused via rotary evaporation into what looks like a simple glass of sparkling water… but really, it is so much more.

Charlie Brown

Sometimes, it’s nice to come out just to have a lovely drink. To have fun. After all, that’s what we’re here to give our guests!
So this drink is all about fun and happiness. We realised that one of the best ways to provide this was through a sense of nostalgia.
Charlie Brown
Thus everything about this cocktail takes you back to days gone by, where troubles were absent and laughter was everywhere.
All of your favourite childhood flavours are there, including peanut butter, chocolate and caramelised banana! Rich, creamy, indulgent and just a little bit cheeky, this is one to have when you’re feeling like something silly!

Genever Juniper

Flavour is a complicated thing. It is affected by everything surrounding it, including our other senses.
So we started to think about our sense of touch and how this might affect the experience of drinking an incredible cocktail.
We were inspired to create a drink themed around Scottish flavours and the wonderful journey from London to Edinburgh on the Flying Scotsman, so created this light, fruity cocktail with the wild flavours of Scottish hedgerow berries.
But this alone wasn’t enough…we wanted to bring to Birmingham a flavour profile that people rarely experience: minerality.
This led to the creation of our own chalk and slate gin, which paired with Dutch Geneva made the perfect mineral base for this outstanding drink.


What’s better than a great story told by a greater storyteller?
This is a drink that tells the story of seafaring soldiers who sailed the high seas fighting epic battles for their countries.
Named for the old cannon forts that line many a coast, it evokes every element of a life at sea.
A rich, smooth whisky base captures the boldness of the men and the beauty of the ocean, whilst tree resin liqueur and maple syrup are gently reminiscent of the creaking wood of a galleon at full sail.
Gunpowder and smoked Lapsang Souchong tea hint at the smell of the cannons after a battle and balance the richness of the cocktail with the subtle bitter notes of warfare.
And as with the best stories, it ends with an explosive climax…

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