The Edgbaston goes wild with its latest cocktail extravaganza

Here’s the latest of our fantastic monthly columns from the guys at The Edgbaston – the city’s plush and ground-breaking cocktail lounge and boutique hotel.

Stand by for the the return of No Holds Barred after its inaugural event in April.
It takes place on July 14 and we’ve chosen the theme ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ to tease your imagination.
What mad ideas will our bar team cook up for you? Well, you won’t know unless you come!
For those of you that don’t know, No Holds Barred events are one-night experiences where our team collaborate to come up with some of the most intriguing and experimental cocktails being made across the world and bring them to you in interactive and immersive experiences.
Last time we drank plague cures through scented beak masks, enjoyed a venison roast cocktail cooked in front of us and much more.
This month we are looking at all things wild and natural. Venture into the garden, the woods and the ocean with our incredible plans… but you won’t get any more hints than that!
We’re not going to take the easy route. Sure, you may find a few herbs and flowers here and there, but you’ll also get to experience us at our most creative, playing with ingredients that up until now haven’t been explored thoroughly.
We will also be working with a group of great products that have allowed us to create one drink with an extremely special bottle. But more on that on the day.
Have you ever considered how much there actually is in nature, in the wild, that we don’t ever consider eating?
So much of what is out there is edible, but most of us are too scared to ever try actually eating it.
This is the chance to put some faith in us and see what crazy stuff we can do.
And whilst you’re at it, we’re actually going to give you the chance to create something of your own, albeit in a very unique way.
This month we will be joined by our first guest bartender, Josh Powell.
Josh is a great friend of ours and is currently the award-winning Head Bartender at 68 and Boston in Soho, London.
Our team have been working with him to create a unique signature serve that will seek to capture what we are calling the Wildest Wild, in a drink that will play not only with taste, but your other senses too.
Intrigued? Aren’t we all! Trust us though – we know what’s coming and it’s something special.
Tickets are a steal at £50 for four signature cocktails that will never again be available.
Limited to 20 spaces, this is an event not to be missed.
Please give us a ring on 0121 454 5212 or visit our website for more details and to buy tickets.
Hurry – half are already gone!

The Edgbaston
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