Take a look at The Edgbaston’s latest cocktails

Here’s The latest Monthly Column By The Guys At The Edgbaston – The City’s Plush And Ground-Breaking Cocktail Lounge And Boutique Hotel.

What’s better than a menu of incredible drinks, each with a unique little bit of genius to make them interesting?
A whole new menu, with cocktails that are on a par with the best in the world, of course!
This has been a huge year for us with great successes in a number of the most important cocktail competitions in the world, not least World Class.

Concept Bars - Edgbaston Hotel, BirminghamCopyright - Richard Southall
We’ve won countless awards for our hotel, our bar, our cocktails, our service and of course our afternoon tea.
So it would be easy for us to simply rest on our laurels, wouldn’t it?
Well, we believe that complacency is the enemy of creativity, and that creativity is the centre of our success… so evolve we must! Hence, we will shortly be presenting the beautiful people of Birmingham with a brand new cocktail menu.
Most of what we’re doing is a secret still, but this week we gave a the lucky guests a sneak preview of some of the drinks to come.
These are not the finalised versions of what we will be serving when the menu launches, but simplified hints at what we’ve been working on.
No longer will the menu be divided by spirit category – instead each page will be designed to suit a particular palate.

No longer will the drinks be inspired by random, unlinked ideas -there will be a series of interwoven themes throughout.
No longer will you simply drink from a glass – things will be much more immersive.
Excited? We certainly are.
So, without further ado, why not hear a little about some of these sneak previews? Remember: these are but hints at what will be coming very soon!

Girl’s Best Friend

A treat for anybody who likes their Pornstar Martinis, we’ve made one that’s just a little classier and boosted by some properly interesting ingredients! The description reads: ‘Not so much a Pornstar as a sophisticated model who doubles as an incredible entrepreneur. Our independent lady wears a stunning diamond that says: “I am not for you”!’
So what are the special ingredients? Salted caramel is a bit of a start, but after that things get extra special. Throughout our new menu we have worked with local farming star Will Boers to utilise some of the incredible and unusual plants he grows. For the Girl’s Best Friend, we’ve taken the inimitable Hissop flower, with its unmistakable Tutti Frutti flavour, and distilled it in Roxanne (see earlier posts on the rotary evaporator for a geek out!). But not only do we put this little bit of magic in the cocktail, we infuse it into prosecco to create Tutti Frutti Fizz. What could be better?!

Dr Black’s Zombie

A little nod to our favourite board game (Cluedo, duh!), this is a subtle improvement on our best-selling Abercrombie Zombie. Still with the signature house rum blend, we add in a homemade Tagete flower liqueur (they taste like tangerine, believe it or not) and bergamot fruit shrub. What’s a shrub? It’s an ancient way of preserving flavours, not dissimilar from pickling, but with a much more approachable profile for cocktails!

Pina Palavar

Do you like getting caught in the rain? Making love at midnight? Drinking champagne?
Yeah. So do we. Obviously.
We also love Pina Coladas, so we thought we’d give them the Edgbaston treatment.
Infused with Asian Pandan leaf (these taste kind of hazelnutty) and roasted coconut shells, this is simply the best Pina Colada you could have.
But really, that’s not enough. We had to add Ron Zacapa 23 year old rum for good measure.
We still wanted more. So we took the creamiest of creamy drinks, and clarified it. Don’t get us wrong, it still tastes creamy, but with a much more elegant look and silky texture. Tastes. Like. Heaven!

Meanwhile, tickets are selling fast for the next No Holds Barred event – when The Edgbaston pushes the limits by experimenting with incredible ingredients to make edgy cocktails unlike any seen in the city before. Here’s a loo at what to expect!
It takes place on September 15 and is themed on a jaunt to France.
Vive la différence!


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