Take a look at The Edgbaston’s cracking Christmas cocktails

Concept Bars - Edgbaston Hotel, BirminghamCopyright - Richard Southall

Here’s The Latest of the Monthly Column By The Guys At The Edgbaston – The City’s Plush And Ground-Breaking Cocktail Lounge And Boutique Hotel.

Oh the weather outside is frightful
And the drinks are so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It doesn’t show signs of stopping
And I’ve brought some fizz for popping
The lights are turned way down low
Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Winter is coming and the festive season along with it.
We have gone all out this year, as is our style, to create for you an extra special list of goodies to enjoy.
There will be a grand total of eight festive delights for you to devour, each capturing a different element of our most nostalgic Christmas memories.

Sneak preview

In this post, though, we’re just going to give you a sneak preview of three of our favourites, difficult as they were to choose!
They’ll be available from December 1.
Let’s go on a little trip down memory lane then, and introduce three of the drinks that remind us of wonderful times spent with family and are all things that resonated across our entire team.
Imagine the scene.

Concept Bars - Edgbaston Hotel, Birmingham Copyright - Richard Southall
You’ve worked all through December and are utterly exhausted. You arrive, finally, at your grandmother’s late in the night on Christmas Eve and sink into what you hope to be a bottomless sleep.
Then, just a moment later, you are awoken by screaming, joyous cousins bounding past your bedroom and a confused dog licking your face eagerly.

Fizzing with excitement

You push her off, groaning at the weight of the past month and its effect on your body.
You stand, clump downstairs and nearly slip on the wooden floorboards. 
But then it hits you.
The smell.
The bacon.
The coffee.
And your morning alarm truly sounds. The one you always forget: POP!

The first bottle of Champagne is open!
With one gulp a double espresso disappears and with another goes an apple.
A jolly aunt kisses you on the cheek and next thing you know there’s a flute in one hand and another newborn cousin in the other. Christmas has begun in earnest, and all negativity has evaporated. 
This is a story we have lived countless times.
If we want to be poetic, we can perhaps take this moment to reflect on how different our Christmas mornings are to the morning Mary and Joseph are said to have had… and our first cocktail makes the most of that reflection with something a little indulgent and celebratory.
At the end of the day, it’s still Christmas, after all!
We’ve decided to take the story of the three wise men and insert it directly into the good old Business Brace, often mistaken for a Champagne Cocktail (for more on this, come along and talk to one of our geekier bartenders!).
We begin with a sugar cube, flavoured with frankincense. Surprisingly difficult to use in a cocktail, we found this to be an excellent method of capturing the flavour, then releasing it gradually into what becomes quite a complex cocktail.
Then, we add a dash or two or distilled myrhh.
If we were lesser people, we’d make a terrible joke about less is myrhh, but we aren’t so we won’t.
These flavours combine to bring an exciting perfumed note to the drink, lifting it in much the same way the floral notes of a rosé champagne do.
To complete the liquid element of the experience, there was only one option: hay-infused Champagne.
Yes, you read that correctly. 
In reality, this adds a nutty, dry, buttery flavour that allows us to enhance the natural flavours of a quality Champagne.
Indeed, many of the best Champagne houses take great pride in the buttery notes they are able to produce.
To finish it all off, we simply had to garnish the drink with gold. At the end of the day, that’s the gift we’d all want isn’t it?
So that, in a nutshell, is We Three Kings.

A memorable drink

So the day progresses a little further and you move into the lounge, to open the presents.
You sit around the tree in a huge family circle and allow the younger children to distribute the presents as they please.
As you do, nibbles are passed around and gin and tonics poured by the pint.

Did we capture this memory in a drink?
Uh…yuh-huh we did!
Allow yourself to be refreshed with some Hendricks Gin, swizzled up with crushed ice so it’s nice and long, given freshness by aromatic limes, a bit of sexy sweetness from pistachio and Douglas Fir Liqueur, a bit of zing from French herbal liqueurs and punch from the tiniest drop of absinthe.
Think you’re pretty cool?
Christmas thinks it’s cooler. It’s even inspired a drink called Gin-gle Bell Rock.

A triffling matter

To finish up we all head to the dinner table and ultimately dessert. Of course, we know the truly traditional puddings at Christmas, but what we all wanted was our Nan’s trifle, that stuff is magical.
So yes, we’ve done it again. We’ve created for you the Trifle Bazaar.

Strawberry and Cream liqueur. Obviously. Strawberry infused vermouth. A touch of lemon. Naturally.
But how do we turn it into a cocktail? By throwing in ALL the sherry.
Never been a big fan of sherry? Well, now you are about to be enlightened!
It comes with a mini trifle on the side.
How could you not be?
Merry Christmas!

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