Take a look at Salt and Earth’s new dishes

Here are some of the dishes being served this week at the Salt & Earth pop-up at 1000 Trades bar and kitchen in the Jewellery Quarter.

Salt and Earth is the latest venture of Niki Astley – chef-patron at Two Cats, the laid-back Jewellery Quarter restaurant that’s received massive praise for its innovative New Baltic cuisine.
This venture is something entirely different – even more informal and with influences far from the Baltic.
Salt & Earth will be at 1000 Trades until August 20.
Bookings can be made via info@1000trades.org.uk or 0121 233 2693. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Soy bean ramen, vegetable dashi and hot spring egg.

Burrata, partly dried tomato, onion and basil.

Beef noisette, purple potato, prawn butter, coriander and charred onion.

Fried chicken thighs, thousand island madness sauce.

Octopus, purple corn and quinoa, coal and tigers milk.

Grits, catfish, peppercorn and bacon crumb, gremolata.

Soft shell crab, chilli-butter mooli, guacamole and apple.

Rocket, carrot cake, blueberries, dulce de leche, fennal shortbread.

Coconut and black sesame mochie, strawberry, shisho and kiwi.

Dishes come as small plates priced between £3 and £9. Niki says two or three plates per person are adequate.

1000 Trades
16 Frederick Street, Birmingham B1 3HE. 0121 233 2693.
Two Cats
27 Warstone Lane, Birmingham. 0121 212 0070.