Nathan’s maple twist on British classics

Simpsons head chef Nathan Eades put together an innovative menu that turned a very British tradition on its head at this year’s Maple Festival in Longueuil in Canada.

Nathan was the first British chef to be invited to cook at the annual celebration.


He enthusiastically accepted the challenge of recreating a British classic with a unique ingredient – maple.
The menu for this Royal Feast skipped the scones and jam – opting instead for a gourmet meal from the mind of the young chef inspired by the unique flavour of maple.

The menu

Maple-smoked organic wild salmon, cucumber and herring caviar in a horseradish-maple emulsion.
Soup and a sandwich with a hint of maple. Coronation Chicken served on a crisp rye cracker, dressed with curry cream and mushroom ketchup, served alongside a chicken broth with julienned mushrooms marinated in maple vinegar.
Sunday roast with flavours of maple Loin of Boileau red deer with the aromas of maple, accompanied by game-stuffed cabbage, layered celery root, and maple cranberry chutney
Yves Lévesque, head pastry chef and owner of Dansereau Traiteur, had the honour of crowning the Royal Feast with a dessert he named Charlotte with Whisky and Candied Fruit, Maple Butter Caramel.

More than syrup

Nathan said: “It’s been a few years now that maples been gaining popularity in the UK.
“People are discovering that maple is a lot more than just syrup on their pancakes.
“So I’m really proud to have put together a menu that’s based in British food tradition and putting a maple twist on it.”

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