Cocktails to take you back to childhood

Bar Opus has launched its new collection of candy-inspired cocktails.

Bar Opus is taking customers back to their childhoods with its new seasonal confections and is adding a very grown-up twist to the sherbert lemons, pear drops, Parma violets and Drumsticks we all loved in our 10p mixes.
The bartenders at Bar Opus have created 13 new cocktails – from creamy raspberry ripples to long, refreshing ice teas.
There’s the Cherry Bomb, a cocktail inspired by the fragrant cherry lips sweets, combining cherry brandy, lime juice and tonic.

Drumstick Lolly
To cool down on a hot, summer’s day, there’s a Drumstick Lolly – a blend of Bar Opus’s homemade raspberry vodka, vanilla vodka and a dash of Drumstick lemonade. 
The Sherbert Lemon cocktail is a sherbert-rimmed glass filled with homemade sherbert vodka and a dash of lemonade.
Irene Allen, director of Bar Opus, said: “Our cocktails are always hugely popular and our very own candy creators have devised a fantastic suite of fun cocktails for this summer, all inspired by their favourite childhood sweets.”
Bar Opus is located at One Snowhill, Birmingham.
For details of all 13 new seasonal cocktails, visit

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