A wild idea for a bazaar cocktail at The Edgbaston

Here’s The Latest Of the Columns By The Guys At The Edgbaston, which launches its new cocktail list on Wednesday February 8.

Our new menu is inspired by 36 stories about Birmingham’s history, culture and identity. 
The first story we’d love to share with you is that of Birmingham’s connection with the world of tennis.
We boast the oldest Lawn Tennis club in the world, just five minutes walk from The Edgbaston. It was among various local lawns that the game was first developed. 

But there’s more…

There is one dish we all think of when watching tennis: strawberries and cream. But why is this? We did extensive research and up until now nobody has been quite sure where this connection comes from, besides seasonal similarities. 

So we did some digging…

The Edgbaston Archery and Lawn Tennis Society was built on the grounds of the Botanical Gardens.
This specific part of the gardens used to form a part of Mrs Willmore’s Nursery and Gardens.
Why does this matter, you might ask? Because these gardens formed part of the Strawberry Vale from Harborne to Edgbaston, where the best wild strawberries in Britain were said to grow.

A Trifle Bizaare
Consequently, guests to the Nursery would pay Mrs Willmore a small fee in return for exploring the gardens with a small bowl of strawberries and some cream.
Our hypothesis, then, is that this tradition continued following the development of the club.

It’s very bazaar…

Wild strawberries still grew and the locals knew just how to enjoy them.
We presented our findings to local tennis historian and trustee of the club, Robert Holland, who confirmed that this was the best explanation he had heard.

Concept Bars - Edgbaston Hotel, BirminghamCopyright - Richard Southall
So, perhaps strawberries and cream have been a part of tennis since the very beginning!
Try our Trifle Bazaar, with Fino Sherry, Strawberry Vermouth, Strawberries and Cream Liqueur and fresh citrus.
You even get a mini trifle on the side..
Check out the video here http://youtu.be/AK2cgJBjrVQ

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