A taste of The American Bar comes to The Edgbaston

Here’s a picture from an extra special night hosted by The Edgbaston boutique hotel and cocktail bar.

The award-winning venue welcomed Joe Lewis-White, of The American Bar at The Savoy Hotel in London.
On offer were a short menu of drinks from his bar, which has been named the best bar in Europe and second best bar in the world.
The team at this cocktail institution is responsible for some of the greatest innovation in the industry and has recently been awarded the prestigious title of Best International Bar Team.

Pictured left to right are Luke Pearson, The Edgbaston’s bar manager, James Bowker, The Edgbaston’s head bar tender, Joe Lewis-White, from The American Bar, and Tommy Matthews, The Edgbaston bar tender.

The Edgbaston
18 Highfield Road, Edgbaston B15 3DU. 0121 454 5212.