Check out the great cheeses being served at Birmingham’s beaujolais nouveau party

Three fantastic French cheeses will be served at a four-day event to celebrate the arrival of the first bottles of this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau.

The event takes place from Thursday November 15 to Sunday November 18 at Birmingham’s Arch 13  wine bar in the Jewellery Quarter,.

The venue will mark Beaujolais Nouveau Day by offering customers a 175ml glass of Beaujolais and a specially paired cheeseboard.

Beaujolais Day takes place on the third Thursday in November to welcome the first harvest of gamay grapes grow in the Beaujolais region of France, with festivities including fireworks, music and parties.

Under French law, the wine is released at exactly 12.01am, with the grapes being harvested only a few weeks before and, for many years, has been celebrated with races to get the first bottles to markets around the world.

Arch 13, which opened in May, offers an ever-evolving wine list and a food menu which boasts a selection of British meat, including hand-carved mutton, venison salami and air-dried duck, and cheese boards sourced from Harvey and Brockless.

Arch 13

Connolly’s wine shop can be found at the rear of Arch 13, and carries one of the broadest ranges of wines and spirits in the country.

With over 500 wines, 120 gins and countless whiskies, brandies, liqueurs and associated fine beverages.

The retail space offers wine on tap, by the bottle to takeaway.

Guests can also enjoy any bottle purchased in the wine shop in Arch 13 for a £7.50 corkage fee.

Arch 13’s Beaujolais Nouveau Day offer will be priced at £12.

Arch 13

The cheeses…

Reblochon – Haute Savoie

One of France’s prettiest cheeses thanks to its peachy pink rind, Reblochon is made in the mountainous Haute-Savoie region using milk from indigenous cow breeds that graze the Alpine pastures. The fromage comes from a small farm 1,300m above sea level and is aged by expert affineur Joseph Paccard for five weeks for a deeper hazelnut flavour and smooth, supple texture.

Reblochon takes its name from the old Savoie word ‘reblocher’, which means to ‘pinch the cow’s udder again’.

The cheese was first made in the 13th century as a way of dodging a new milk tax.

The farmer would partially milk the cows in front of the taxman and then re-milk the animals to make tax-free cheese.

Comte 24 month – Franche-Comté

This mighty cheese is made in the Jura mountains where Montbéliarde cows graze the lush Alpine pastures during the summer, and are fed hay in the winter.

Protected under EU law, Comté can only be made with raw milk, which means the cows’ varied diet of flowers, herbs and grass is echoed in the final cheese.

After two years of maturation by specialist affineurs, it has a firm texture and wonderful layers of fruity, nutty flavours.

Epoisse – Burgundy

A pungent soft-paste cows-milk cheese with a rind washed in brine and Marc de Bourgogne, the local pomace brandy.

It has a distinctive soft red-orange colour.

Although popular at the start of the 20th century, with over 300 farms manufacturing the cheese, production had all but died out by the end of the Second World War.

In 1956 a pair of small farmers, Robert and Simone Berthaut, decided to re-launch the production of Époisses by mobilizing the traditional skills of those who still knew how to make the cheese.

Berthaut Époisses increasingly gained favour among its devotees and became a spectacular success.

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