Barking mad about Chien Lunatique’s hotdogs


There’s something charming about the name Chien Lunatique, the latest pop-up at 1000 Trades bar in the Jewellery Quarter.

Literally translated, it means ‘whimsical dog’, though I suspect the allusion is to mad dogs rather than hounds prone to fanciful and camp behaviour.

For Chien Lunatique is a purveyor of hotdogs – and very good hotdogs, on the evidence of a midweek visit.

Featuring Lashfords’ superbly meaty and flavoursome sausages, the dogs come in brioche rolls with various garnishes.

The Chilli, seasoned with Cajun spice and fresh chilli and served with chipotle mayo and toasted chilli flakes, packed a retrained punch.

Opposite, The Gloucester, a banger packed with pork, was more traditional and came with confit onions.

Side orders were generally good.

Pickled gherkins came in a beer batter and were superb.

Skin-on fries, too, were good, though fries are, in my opinion, always better when the spuds are peeled since they are better able to crisp up.

Beans served with chorizo were cowboy food elevated to a high level.

Only the beetroot slaw disappointed, for it was slightly runny.

The two of us spent a total of just over £23 on very filling and satisfying food.

Beers, as always at the trendily shabby-chic 1000 Trades, were fabulous.

Need to know

Nine different hotdogs are being served, including a veggie option.

They range in price from £6 to £8.

Sides are priced from £2.

Chien Lunatique is at 1000 Trades until February 3.

He’s there every day except Sundays.

1000 Trades

16 Frederick Street, Birmingham B1 3HE. 0121 233 2693.