As Father Jack might say: “Feck! Drink!”

Turk Nazz

There are some mistakes that restaurants make that I consider unforgivable.

High on this list of shame is the failure to bring alcoholic drinks that have been ordered.

I’m apt to grow tetchy as the delay drags on, fearing that at any moment I’ll turn into Father Jack and begin yelling: “Feck! Booze!”.

So perhaps I’m growing mellow with age or maybe I’m simply less thirsty for wine (though a glance at my bottle-rich recycling bin would suggest that’s unlikely).

But I’m prepared to shrug off the failure of waiters at the recently opened Turk Nazz in Moseley to bring the bottle of red I’d chosen until I’d attracted the attention of the staff and re-ordered.

Truth is, it’s such a likeable place that I was prepared to indulge this and other lapses in service.

The staff are charming and eager to please, the food is enjoyable and well-priced, there’s a sense of generosity and the atmosphere is welcoming.

And let’s remember that these are challenging times for the hospitality industry – many staff are newly-recruited and inexperienced and those with experience are rusty after so long away from work.

The food – as the more astute of you will have guessed – is Turkish.

Complimentary flatbread, olives, garlicky yoghurt and a punchy red condiment a little like harissa were a tasty start to the meal.

Turk Nazz

A shared starter of fallafel was especially good – moist and as soft as duck down pillows.

They came on top of a grainy hummus and with a perky salad.

Sucuk was also good – dense, meaty beef sausage with spicing similar to that of merguez.

Tuk Nazz

My main course might have challenged the appetite of the greediest trencherman.

A lamb shank, cooked so long and slow that the fat was almost liquid and the meat falling off the bone, came in a brilliantly red, sweetly spiced gravy with potatoes, carrots and celery.

Turk Nazz

Alongside a mound of cous cos was fluffy and absorbent.

Opposite, a chicken kebab was judged enjoyable, with the observation that it would have been better still had the poultry had a firmer texture.

Turk Nazz

Turk Nazz is a welcome addition to Moseley, occupying the space that once housed K2 and later Indioz.

It’s a place to which I’ll return for unfussy, hearty, good value food.

The Turkish red that we drank, by the way, was worth the wait – with soft tannins and the fruitiness of ripe strawberries.

How much nicer it would have been had it arrived before or with the starters.

Turk Nazz

107 Alcester Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DD. 0121 449 9292

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