A new way to create fabulous curries at home


Dishoom’s new Birmingham restaurant may be closed because of the latest Covid restrictions – but now you can still recreate their food at home.

Dishoom Store has launched Masala Dabba for novice cooks and artful chefs alike.

It contains a quick-start collection of nine spices, including signature masalas and the harder-to-find spices, that make mastery of Dishoom’s most-cherished recipes that much easier at home.

Inside the dabba home cooks will find meticulously portioned packages of Indian spice cupboard staples, including ground coriander, dried fenugreek, whole black peppercorns and green cardamom, alongside harder-to-find spices such as black cardamom, amchur, and deggi mirch.

In addition, each dabba contains Dishoom’s signature garam masala, the foundation of many best-loved Dishoom recipes, and kabab masala, the key spice-mix that finishes many a dish.

All are presented in a beautiful reusable dabba, which contains small metal pots for decanting, and a helpful little spoon for scooping and sprinkling.


The spices come complete with tips on best use, providing cooks with the ingredients and know-how they need to fast-track their way to creating first-rate Indian dishes at home.

The Masala Dabba makes an especially good companion to Dishoom’s cookery book, Dishoom: From Bombay with Love.

The spices included provide the foundational flavours of many of the best-loved recipes, whilst the signature masalas remove the need for much preparatory work.

The spices can be used in endless recipes, ranging from simple snacks and sides such as Gunpowder Potatoes and the Bowl of Greens, to joyous everyday dinners, including House Black Daal, Rajma, Chicken Ruby and Mattar Paneer, to celebratory showstoppers such as Soft-Shell Crab Masala, Jackfruit Biryani and succulent Lamb Raan.


Dishoom: From Bombay with Love is an eccentric cookery book which takes readers on a day-long tour of south Bombay, peppered with much eating and drinking. It has over 100 recipes.

The Masala Dabba (£33) and the cookery book (£26) are available to buy separately, or as a packaged  gift for £50.

Also available are three of Dishoom’s best tipples – the India Gimlet, Sonia’s Negroni, and the Old-Fashioned.

All can be ordered individually or as a beautifully packaged collection of three.


Visit https://store.dishoom.com to find out more or to place orders.

Dishoom Birmingham opened in Chamberlain Square near the Town Hall earlier this year but, like other hospitality businesses, has been forced temporarily to shut its doors because of the pandemic.

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