The top chefs who gathered to celebrate a special anniversary

For Birmingham food fanatics like me, Simpsons holds a very special place.

When the restaurant earned a Michelin star in modest premises in Kenilworth over two decades ago, it was the first restaurant that I reviewed.

Since its move to Birmingham, I’ve been a frequent visitor and never have I left disappointed. The food and service have been outstanding.

Chefs who’ve trained in its kitchens have gone on to great things in this area and beyond.


There’s a compelling argument that Birmingham wouldn’t have reached the culinary heights it’s reached had Simpsons not opened in Edgbaston.

How fitting, then, that some of the region’s best chefs gathered there for two dinners on Tuesday and Wednesday this week to celebrate its 25 anniversary.

Simpsons has organised a series of collaboration dinners to celebrate turning a quarter of a century.

On Tuesday, former Simpsons chefs Andy Waters, James Cross, Matt Cheal and Glynn Purnell joined Simpsons owner Andreas Antona and executive chef Luke Tipping at the pass.


Fellow Michelin star holders Adam Stokes, Brad Carter and Rob Palmer sat down to enjoy torte of crab, avocado smoked salmon, sauce gazpacho, duo of lamb, aromatic couscous, apricots, pine nuts and apple tarte fine, caramel sauce, tonic bean ice-cream – all inspired by dishes from Simpsons’ 25 year history.

Wednesday saw former Simpsons chefs Adam Bennett, Andy Waters, Jeremy Toth and Nathan Eades in the kitchen cooking a four-course dinner featuring the restaurants most popular dishes from over the years.

Luke Tipping and Adam Bennett

More than 140 diners attended over the two nights.

After sitting down for the Tuesday night dinner, it was a wonderfully nostalgic journey that helped to explain Simpsons success over the years.

Here was food that was technically accomplished, beautiful to the eye and great to eat.

The next collaboration dinner with Tom Kerridge on Tuesday October 23 has already sold out.

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