Pink, floppy and unsatisfying…


The dish was was one unlikely to excite anyone who doesn’t seek to eat the entrails of Noel Edmonds’ pink and floppy pal Mr Blobby.

The Indian Fried Chicken that I ate at Indian Brewery had a lurid shade and flabby texture that will haunt my nightmares.

Take a look at the picture.

As appealing as having Boris Johnson’s saggy arse shoved in your face, no?

Beneath the shocking pink, greasy and flaccid skin lurked a layer that was yellow. The flavour was dull.

Indian Brewery

The wings had, the menu said, been marinated in Birmingham Lager, fried and “blasted” with a saucy glaze and Bombay sprinkle.

It seems to me that the spicing was over-cautious and the heat at which the unfortunate chicken was cooked wasn’t fierce enough.

I found comfort, though, in okra fries which were flavoursome and crisp – because they’d been deep-fried at a high enough temperature.

Indian Brewery

Pakora chaat – little fried spheres – also hit the target.

A roti served with yoghurt, a salad garnish and chicken curry was adequate.

Tarkha dhal served with similar accompaniments was good and runny.

But throughout the meal there seemed a distinct absence of oomph.

A fear of being anything other than parsimonious with the chilli.

Indian Brewery

Indian Brewery – a street food and craft beer joint under the railway arches in Livery Street – is perhaps struggling to cope with the extra demands of its recent expansion.

I’ve eaten there before and thoroughly enjoyed the food.

It’s still got quirky and lively decor and a good buzz. Service was charming.

But the dishes this time at best mildly pleased and – in the case of the chicken – was a big disappointment.

Need to know

Three of us paid £48 for food, two beers and bottled water.

There are veggie options.

It’s open throughout the day, including breakfast.

Plenty of parking nearby.

Indian Brewery

Indian Brewery

Arch 16

Livery Street

Birmingham B3 1EU.

0121 296 9000.