Here’s where you can eat proper Greek Cypriot food in Birmingham

An authentic taste of Greek Cypriot food is heading to Birmingham.

Locally-based cook and food blogger Tim Phedon is launching his inaugural Greek Cypriot pop-up restaurant Yiayia Mama next month.

The first event is on Friday August 3 at the Kitchen Garden Café in Kings Heath.

It will be the first of a series of pop-up evenings that Tim plans to host to offer Brummies a taste of the traditional Greek Cypriot recipes that he is so passionate about.

Yiayia Mama

Tim is a third generation Greek Cypriot who was born and bred in Birmingham.

Yiayia Mama- literally ‘Grandmother Mother’ – is Tim’s ode to the people who taught him to cook growing up.

Through this pop-up and the ones to come, Tim wants to create authentic dishes from the villages of his grandparents in Cyprus, mixed in with creative reinterpretations of some classic recipes.

Yiayia Mama

Menus will be themed around mezze, small plates, typical of Cyprus tavernas, and will celebrate the vegetable above anything else.

Meat mezze will also be available to diners during the evening.

From bread and dips at the start to a Cypriot custard filo pie for dessert, the menu at Yiayia Mama will be entirely homemade.

Yiayia Mama

Tim also assists occasionally on cookery classes at the Harborne Food School and has assisted local cook, food developer & cookery teacher Lap-Fai Lee.

Tickets – £32 a head – for Tim Phedon’s pop up on Friday August 3 can be purchased on Eventbrite.

His next pop up scheduled at this venue is on Sunday 28th October.

For further information about Yiayia Mama, including menu, visit

Visit Tim’s social channels:

Instagram – @timphedon

Facebook – @feedtim