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My ingenuity knows no bounds when it comes to avoiding the Sausage-Scoffing Drunken Zombie Tat-Fest that is otherwise known as Birmingham’s festive German market.

By following a circuitous route through malls and along side streets, I completed my Christmas shopping without encountering a single stall selling inflatable glitter-covered musical reindeer or carved wooden figurines with the bewhiskered faces of uncles you wouldn’t trust to look after your children.

All Greek Streetfood

My sense of achievement was immense and my smugness increased tenfold as I sat to refuel in a recently-opened eatery just a few yards from the market yet in a spot from which it couldn’t be seen.

All Greek Streetfood is a bit of a gem, even discounting its isolation from the festive market.

It’s takeaway with a few seats that sells – no surprise here – Greek food.

The space, which used to be a Greek deli, is small and plain but pleasantly decorated, with an open plan kitchen where food is prepared to order and from which tantalising smells waft.

Expect grilled meats, dips and salads, with a few side dishes.

All Greek Streetfood

The thrust of the menu is wraps – chicken pork, sausages, cheese of vegetables served on pitta.

The wrap I ordered came on bread as fluffy as a pillow for a fairytale princess.

On it lay slices of beautifully favoured pork belly, a few superb chips, a salad garnish, ketchup and mustard dressing.

This was food that made sticky fingers and mustard-stained shirt cuffs a price worth paying.

Opposite was eaten a chicken version of the same dish.

A side order of courgette fries – crisp-coated, melting within – came with a tzatziki dip and was very enjoyable.

A Greek salad was generous, fresh and topped with a lovely chunk of feta.

All Greek Streetfood

All Greek Streetfood sells Greek beers and that tooth-whitening, grimace-inducing wine retsina, but in a worthy effort to show restraint in the run-up to Yuletide’s bibulous indulgences, I stuck to Greek lemonade, which was pleasant

This wasn’t fancy food – it was hearty, satisfying, tasty, well-prepared fare that uses good ingredients.

All Greek Streetfood’s heart – and sense of hospitality – are firmly in the right place.

It is is an independent to which I’ll return.

Need to know

We paid £22 for food and lemonade for two.

There are vegan and vegetarian options.

There are sharing platters.

It’s licensed.

All Greek Streetfood

33 Stephenson Street, Birmingham B2 4BH. 0121 448 5600.