Birmingham chef lands a Gold ranking

Daniel Anderson, chef-director of steakhouse Anderson’s Bar & Grill, has been honoured by the Craft Guild of Chefs.

Established in 1965 as a Guild of the Cookery and Food Association, the Craft Guild of Chefs has developed into the leading chefs’ association in the UK and has many members worldwide.

The association aims to increase standards of professional cooking. Becoming a Master of the Academy, Daniel has achieved Gold status.

“I’m truly honoured to be accepted as a Master CGC,” he said.

“The creative and ethical parts of the catering industry are to be truly celebrated and given the recognition they deserve.

“In a difficult and often high-pressure environment, it is vital that knowledge and expertise is passed on to the younger generation.”

Daniel has also joined the Slow Food UK’s Chefs’ Alliance, a non-profit organisation made up of British-based chefs.

It aims to promote a better way to eat – celebrating the rich food traditions of the different nations that make up the UK and protecting our edible biodiversity.

Anderson’s Bar & Grill is in Mary Ann Street in the Jewellery Quarter.